The Inner Monologue

by Amit Gawande

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Smile With Your Eyes, More

It happened again as I was on my morning walk today, passing through the familiar lanes. I have become habitual to communicate mutely, through smiles, with the folks I have acquainted with over such daily walks.

That uncle who ambles but never forgets to straighten up somewhat every time he sees me. That guy jogging with his headphones on yet makes a point to slow down to acknowledge my presence.

And I connect with many such folks (who I know I don’t “know”) daily for months and years now. Or at least I try to.

You see, it was easy to do that when we weren’t living our life through this dreaded pandemic. When masking the major part of our face wasn’t necessary. When we could spread our lips in a smile at someone, and say so much unsaid.

I am struggling to do that these days. I do smile, but I am not confident that the feeling touches the person. Or he or she reciprocates it.

I have...

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Choose your defaults

I am always keen on services that desire to keep things simple. When they don’t provide too many bells and whistles to the users to get distracted by. When they are easy on eyes.

I feel comforted when I see them confidently selecting defaults. Because that shows they have some principles that they won’t budge on.

Is it inconvenient all the times? Does it work for all? Does it limit their target audience? Sure, absolutely. But at least they are satisfied with what they serve.

I would always have a soft corner for all such services. Svtble is one of them.

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