I won’t…

I won’t act because I may miss out otherwise.

I won’t use a productivity tool because everyone else uses the tool.

I won’t keep a productivity planner.

I won’t praise a movie or book because it has won an award.

I won’t hate a book or a movie because it doesn’t have a 4+ rating.

I won’t buy something because it is on sale or will soon go out of stock.

I won’t join you because you consider me your privileged customer.

I won’t play video games or read comic books because people I connect with do.

I won’t overload my calendar because the system works for some gurus.

I won’t have an hour-wise to-do/tasks list.

I won’t schedule my creativity.

I won’t write now because I should write daily.

I won’t fall for FOMO.

I won’t.


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